Paul Donfried

Chief Technology Officer

Paul Donfried is the Chief Technology Officer for LaserLock Technologies Inc., responsible for leading the development of innovative, resilient and easy-to-use solutions for meeting the anti-counterfeiting and brand protection needs of our customers. In his role as CTO, Mr. Donfried is also responsible for IT services, both internal and external.

Prior to his current role at LaserLock Technologies, Mr. Donfried was CTO - Identity and Access Management for Verizon, responsible for the strategy, engineering and marketing direction of the company’s portfolio of enterprise identity services.  He led Verizon’s strategic alignment of cloud-based identity technologies across market segments, helping deliver a new generation of identity services that enable organizations to address the complex challenges of authenticating and managing user identities.

Prior to his role at Verizon, Mr. Donfried was Vice President of SAIC Identity & Access Management Solutions, where his responsibilities included overall strategy, product development and the introduction of identity technologies. Earlier in his career, Mr. Donfried worked for Apple, General Electric and The Bank of Montreal.

A recognized expert in the fields of identity life cycle and risk management, Mr. Donfried has led the development of numerous industry organizations including SAFE-BioPharma and Identrust. He is a frequent speaker on the role of trusted e-commerce and its application in heavily regulated industries and the federal government.  As a member of the Open Identity Exchange (OIX), Mr. Donfried provides leadership on the creation of trust frameworks and the protection of critical infrastructure.

Mr. Donfried received a Bachelor of Science in computer science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and holds multiple patents for identity, authentication, attributes and digital signing systems.